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Amrita Vidyalayam Kolkata

Youngsters need to understand the purpose of life. They need courage and wisdom to face the challenges of life. With that understanding they become the light of the world. If we care for them responsibly, molding their whole character with love, then the future of the world will be safe. - Amma

Welcome to Amrita Vidyalayam, a national network of value based schools managed by Mata Amritanandamayi Math. There are 27 schools in Kerala alone, and 22 of these schools are affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), out of which 16 are senior secondary schools having classes up to XII. Students are all taught in English and generally follow the CBSE syllabus. In addition to the schools in Kerala, there are 20 more schools located throughout India.

Amma wants children to have the best possible education — an education that helps them to develop physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. We invite you to learn more about Amma’s schools and how your children can benefit from an education at an Amrita Vidyalayam.

Contact Information of Amrita Vidyalayams in West Bengal:

Rangamatti Path, Bidhan Nagar,
Durgapur – 713 212
West Bengal
CBSE Affiliation No: 2430100
Phone: (04343) 2533560

Budge Budge Road, P.O. Sarkar Pool
Kolkatta – 700 143
West Bengal
CBSE Affiliation
Phone: (033) 24012333

Philosophy & Values

The future of the world lies in the hands of the younger generation. Our children are the flowers of tomorrow. They should spread their fragrance and beauty throughout the world. But everywhere, these flowers are in danger of falling prey to worms before they can fully blossom. Tempted into addictions of every kind, subject to pressures on all sides, they wither and even destroy themselves. – Amma

AmmaThe modern educational system lies like a heavy, overloaded sack on the student’s shoulders, and the parents often make it worse. During the examination time, the students are under great pressure. They are not relaxed at all. Teach them the art of relaxation, how to be at ease. If they don’t feel relaxed, how can they learn? Without relaxation, no real learning is possible. This is the first lesson that clearly needs to be understood. It’s very important that parents should understand this before they ask their children to do something. Amma suggests that they practice it in their own lives. For, unless they themselves experience the importance of relaxation, they wouldn’t know how important it is for their children. Spiritual practices such as meditation, repetition of a mantra and singing bhajans are different methods which are meant to relax the mind so that you can always be open like a freshly blossomed flower. – Amma

Only through relaxed study can knowledge be retained. Learning that is done under stress and strain cannot be successful. In fact, it is relaxation that provides the clarity of vision and the energy necessary to learn and retain any real knowledge. …Only someone who has gathered knowledge with a peaceful mind can really put that knowledge into practice and become a master in his or her field. – Amma

Children, if you want to learn your lessons well, relaxation is the best method. It will keep your intellect clear, your memory power will increase tremendously and you will not exhaust your energy by repeating a lesson a hundred times in order to memorize it. When you are deeply relaxed, you need only read the lesson once and you will know it forever. – Amma

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